EquiSport Farm Mustangs




Reference HMAs 

"HMA" refers to the herd management area where herds of mustangs reside. State HMAs are listed on the BLM HMA information page.  Each herd is made up of multiple "bands" or groups of horses that live together in family-type situations.  There is a dominant stallion, mares, and foals within each small band. Bachelors bands are comprised of young stallions that have not yet won their right to breed mares. Thus, they hang out together away from the dominant stallion and his mares until a challenge for breeding rights occurs.

HMAs each have their own size and color characteristics, genetic breed diversity pool, and personality type that occasionally transitions over time.  Our personal mustangs are from the Three Fingers HMASouthSteens  HMAStinkingwater HMA, and Paisley Desert HMA.