Mustang Sport Horse and Pony Registry

Hosted at EquiSport Farm, LLC, in Yamhill, Oregon

The Mustang Sport Horse and Pony Registry is an open registry for all wild captured equines (including burros) where horse and pony sized mustangs are promoted to medal within the registry.

DNA provision is voluntary at this time within the registration. Height measurement to determine pony or horse is required for year end point accumulation as each division will receive their own year end awards. Pony is considered 14 hands and under (56" as measured at the last hair of the mane on the wither).

To increase adoptions of ponies and horses held in BLM paddocks and from other wild horse agencies throughout the nation, promoting and emmersing them into sport as equine that are extremely intelligent and versatile for any person to own and ride.

Several wild captured mustangs compete at world level and have become National gold medal horses. As such this registry was created to promote all mustang horses and ponies where owners desire to go to the next level and be recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for their efforts.


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