​​The Mustang Heritage Foundation created the Trainer Incentive Program, better known as TIP, to bridge the gap between potential adopters/purchasers and American Mustangs housed at Bureau of Land Management (BLM) off-range facilities.  The MHF is looking to match qualified adopters/purchasers with approved TIP trainers.

Mustangs are considered gentle when they are halter broke, will pick up all four feet, and will load and unload from a trailer.


If you don't find the perfect mustang from those currently at our farm, contact us and we will go to the corrals and select a horse to meet as many of your specifications as possible.  Follow these steps to adopt your TIP animal.

Download the BLM adoption/purchase application. For more information on facility requirements click here.
Mail your completed adoption application to the BLM office in your state.
Click here for a list of these offices.
What should you expect from your TIP trainer and gentled mustang? 
Click here to learn more about the TIP

adoption process and what to expect when adopting a mustang through the program.

We hope you find your next gentled mustang from our farm.  Become part of our extended mustang family!

TIP Program ​Information from the Official BLM andMustang Heritage Foundation pages


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