EquiSport Farm, LLC has become a cornerstone in Northwest mustang culture. We have been gentling wild-caught mustangs for nearly 30 years.  Since our inception into the Mustang family, we have  been gentling and fostering mustangs creating excellent family equestrian partners. We take great pride in wild horse heritage and its extensive history. We treat each mustang as the next potential family member before sale or adoption. We believe in quality, not quantity of horses we gentle and provide to new families. Let us help you find your perfect mustang.

There are so many horses available in the corrals. Work with us to find your next riding partner.

Gentled Wild Mustangs

EquiSport Farm Mustangs

Gentling to create well grounded mustangs with extensive foundation doesn't just happen. It takes an extensive tool box of horse knowledge and quality time all  in a positive environment to rise to the challenge. That's where we come in.Coming from multiple HMAs of different areas of the "Wild West", we gentle horses to be the best they can be. Careful attention is paid to their heritage. Understanding HMA differences, we ensure the finest qualities are brought out during gentling.Their solid foundation starts as soon as they are off the trailer, ensuring trust is developed in a calm, two-way communication environment. We treat each horse individually developing confidence, control, and a desire for lifetime learning in a variety of disciplines

Gentling Mustangs